Custom Made Tours

Due to our tight schedule and operational capacity limits, we are afraid we are not able to offer Custom Made Tours for a while…. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please apply either a Standard Tour or a monthly power plant study one. Thank you! 

We offer tailor-made tours for individuals and groups. We can design a trip to suit your interests and time requirements. An English speaking guide/driver will take you to look around Fukushima’s coastal area. Please come to the JR Stations at Odaka, Namie, Futaba or Tomioka(→ Access). We will pick you up and drop you at one of the stations. 

Sample tour 
– We meet at JR Odaka or Namie Station
– Visit rural villages in Odaka where the evacuation order was lifted in July 2016 and meet local returnees.
– See abandoned rice fields filled with contaminated soil bags.
– Visit a cow farmer who declined to evacuate or killed his cows. He now looks after around 300 cows which were supposed to be killed but are still alive today.

– Visit the newly opened Road Side Station at Namie to learn more about the revitalisation of formerly evacuated areas that have now been reopened. You can find local specialities there, such as local Japanese sake from a distillery that was once washed away by the tsunami but has now returned. You can also see traditional pottery from local potters, who continue to create work whilst living as evacuees.      

– Visit the new tsunami memorial Namie Ukedo Elementary School by the shore, where 93 children and teachers ran to a nearby hill and were all saved when the tsunami hit the area. We will also see the new sea walls and views of the Pacific Ocean. 

– Visit the brand new Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster Memorial Museum in the tsunami hit area in Futaba Town. Learn about the disaster and ongoing efforts for the revitalisation, as well as the decommissioning process at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. 

– Run through the exclusion zone on Route 6. You will see the power plant from 2km away as well as the soil storage facility area for the decontamination. 

– Visit abandoned areas and learn about the silent damage of the accident and difficulties of then-residents.

– Visit the new town centre of Okuma, where the town hall, the new housing complex for returnees, as well as a new shopping mall are being built as part of the revitalisation. 


Tour cost per five hours

We recommend our Standard Tour for budget travellers. It’s similar to the sample tour 1 above and less expensive.

Number of participants Customizing fee per group Guide fee per person Bus/van cost per group
1-2 5,000 25,000 0
3-5 5,000 10,000 0
6-9 25,000 4,000 Actual expense (about 70,000)
10-19 30,000 2,000 Actual expense (about 85,000)
20-40 35,000 1,500 Actual expense (about 100,000)


After our tours, we recommend staying at the Lantern House → Trip Advisor /  You can book by the form below. Futabaya Ryokan is also recommended. You can enjoy a very nice sushi restaurant – Urashima, a casual restaurant – Sarasa or a Japanese style restaurant – Shimauo for dinner.

Next day you can enjoy biking around Odaka and leave Odaka or Haranomachi for your next destination by JR train for Sendai or by bus for Fukushima City.

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