Learning from Fukushima

We welcome university students, teachers, professors and researchers from overseas for group tours. We will arrange visits to nuclear plants, interviews, meetings, as well as permission to enter the exclusion zone in cooperation with local people, municipal governments, TEPCO, JAEA. One group should be of ten or more participants. Please contact us via our contact form or at tour@real-fukushima.com to request an arrangement.

We are neither anti-nuke nor pro-nuke. We want to carefully look back what happened and is happening in our homeland. We sincerely would like to share our experiences, regrets, lessons and challenges for the future with you.

What you can learn with us

Fukushima Daiichi(No.1) Nuclear Power Station

Visits to Daiichi, Daini or JAEA are available only for group of ten or more participants. Booking three months before your visit is advised.

Fukushima Daini(No.2) Nuclear Power Station

JAEA R&D sectors for decommissioning

Tsunami disaster sites

Counter-measures for the triple disaster

Radiation damage

Abandoned towns and villages

Decontamination process

Difficulties of counter-measures to the nuclear accident

Renewable energy and other post-nuclear energy

Community rebuilding efforts

Social influences of the radioactive contamination

We were covered by The Guardian

There is hope here: Fukushima turns to tourism after nuclear meltdown


We will subsidize the accommodation cost until March 2019.


B&B, Inn and guest house


Take a JR train from Tokyo on the Joban Line and get off at Iwaki or Tomioka Station. We will pick up your group there by bus. We will subsidize the bus cost until March 2019. Many nuclear-related sites are on the way to Iwaki at Tokai, Oarai and Hitachi. We will organize your visits to these sites too.

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