The doctors at Fukushima

In the wake of the 2011 nuclear disaster, doctors in Fukushima were faced with difficulties in dealing with radiation – the preparations for which were scarce, due to the assumption of safety of nuclear power. To assist with these efforts, many experts from Hiroshima, Nagasaki and all over Japan were sent in to help tackle the crisis more objectively and efficiently. These doctors made crucial decisions during the initial stages of the emergency, while dealing with the surface decontamination of the thousands of the evacuees displaced by the evacuation orders, and treating the several injured from the hydrogen explosions at the site of the incident. Their decision-making and courage was based on the knowledge, experience, and data acquired through two atomic bombs in World War 2, as well as the Tokaimura JCO nuclear incident of 1997. Our world can learn the experiences Japan has been through, and the wisdom gained from these tragic historical nuclear incidents, as well as the factors at play that prevented the government from responding in a timely and efficient manner, plunging the evacuation of 2011 into chaos.