To Viewers of Netflix’s Dark Tourist

Thank you for showing an interest in our area of Fukushima. If you are interested in visiting, please first read the following guidelines:

Our tour takes you into the reopened zone as well as the current exclusion zone within the 20km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, where the evacuation orders were issued due to the nuclear accident. This provides a level of honest insight which is absent from Netflix’s show. Entering buildings in the way demonstrated by David Farrier on Dark Tourist is dangerous, unnecessary and largely prohibited.

You will be asked to show respect to this area throughout the tour and consider those affected by evacuation orders, the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami and the people who died as a result of this triple disaster since 2011.

Consequently, you are not allowed to take pictures in the zone which can identify personal information, such as car number plates, personal names and shop names with a close-up image. These are the property of private owners.

The radiation level on the tour is between 0.1 and 1 microsieverts per hour at the peak and your total exposure to the radiation is not more than 2 microsieverts. For context, one flight between New York and Tokyo reaches more than 50 microsieverts. We encourage all visitors to independently verify this data should they wish.

We welcome people from all around the world to join our tours, but we will not accept those who show disrespect and thoughtlessness. We aim to challenge sensationalism, be that images, fictitious experiences, or any other disrespectful behaviour towards this area.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and understanding. See you in Fukushima!

Best regards,
Shuzo Sasaki, Real Fukushima Team

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