Standard Tour

*Thank you for waiting. It took a while but we have got the approval to continue this tour for the next fiscal year from April 2020- March 2021 from Soso coastal regional office of Fukushima Prefectural Government. The booking is available for six months in advance. We look forward to your booking and see you in Fukushima! (2020/1/28)

Our standard tour takes 4-5 hours starting at JR Odaka Station on Joban Line, located on the edge of the north side of the former evacuation zone. As an experimental pilot project supported by Soso coastal regional office of Fukushima Prefectural Government to see what kind of tours might be acceptable for local people and international visitors, our tour exceptionally takes you into the current exclusion zone in Okuma town with an official permission, which is a special offer from Real Fukushima, as well as the surrounding areas in Odaka, Namie and Tomioka towns where the evacuation orders have been lifted recently and people are gradually coming back to their home towns. The total amount of radiation exposure through the tour is around 3-5 micro Sievert. You may also encounter and talk to local people who have returned to this area after the 6-8 year evacuation. Our English guide will help you to discover this area, by showing the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and the evacuation by the explosions of Fukushima Daichi Power Plant in 2011 as well as the ongoing projects and positive movements and hopes to this area for the restoration and recreation. Feel the atmosphere and have first hand experience in this area with your own eyes!

Departure and return – Odaka Station

Odaka Station is a small station with free parking lots. The easiest way from Tokyo to Odaka is JR bullet train transferring to a local train at Sendai. For example, 6:32 Tokyo – 8:13 Sendai – 10:01 Odaka.
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What to expect

  • Visit rural villages in Odaka where the evacuation order was lifted in July 2016 and meet local returnees.
  • See abandoned rice fields where contaminated soil bags occupied
  • Visit a tsunami-damaged area in Namie and tsunami memorial sites
  • Visit a hill to see Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and know what decommission is about
  • See abandoned hospitals and learn how severe the evacuation was for patients and caretakers 
  • Visit a fishery lab and feel the power of the tsunami
  • Visit abandoned area and learn silent damage of the accident and difficulties of then-residents
  • Visit new town center of Ohkuma where the town hall, apartments and shopping mall are being built

To viewers of Netflix’s Dark Tourist

If you are interested in visiting, please first read the following guidelines.
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* JR Joban Line will reopen entirely for the first time since 2011 between Tokyo and Sendai on March 14th, and the new time table will be announced in late February or early March. Till then, the meeting time for the tours after March 14th is tentatively 12:00 and we will update it once we figure out.