The newly reopened J-village is a sports complex in Naraha town, which is one of the former evacuation areas located 20 kilometres south of Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. Soon after the nuclear disaster, this sports complex became the front line base for the anti-nuclear accidents for Japanese Government. Self Defence Force, fire fighters and thousands of clean-up workers and experts had been staying in this place and going into FDNNP to tackle on the hydrogen explosions, meltdowns of the reactors and the ongoing decommissioning and decontamination for the site until 2013. After several year cleaning and renovation works, J Village is now back in normal as the sports complex for all the people in the world who love soccer and sports as well as is reborn as the symbol of the revitalisation of Fukushima. Tokyo 2020 Olympic flame begins its journey from this place, lighting its way across Japan’s 47 prefectures.   The Relay will commence on March 26th in 2020.

J Village has a hotel facility with 200 rooms as well as 11 soccer fields. It reopened on July 28th in 2018 after 7 years since the disaster and the nearby station at Joban Line called J Village Station newly opened on April 20th in 2019.

Self Defense Forces in J-Village


Workers changed their cloths in J-village and went into the FDNPP


J-Village finished the role of anti-nuclear disaster front line in November 2016 and began renovation


Before and after the renovation


J-Village fully opened in April 2019
JR J-Village Station



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